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     This short article will help you understand the Las Vegas traffic court bureaucracy and help you manage your Las Vegas traffic ticket. Below, are three concerns to be asked when making a decision if your visitor traffic ticket in Las Vegas. 

Here, are questions you need to ask yourself when you are making a decision on whether or not you want to fight your traffic ticket. 

 1. Do you have any witnesses? If you are certain, you did not the driver over the speed limit or run a red light you will still likely lose your lawsuit. When you are going to court a judge will take the word of the law enforcement agent. Additionally, your partner and or child driving with you, when you are ticketed, don’t make a good witness. The reason is that they will likely be considered to be biased by the judge. So, you must fine a third-party that is not biased that can testify for you in court.

 2. It is a fallacy that a Judge will throw your case out if the Police Office does not appear at court. All that will take place is that your court date will be postponed.

 3. Analyzing the Radar- You could hire a professional, on radar guns, to go to court for you. That specialist will cost hundred of dollars or more. You may win; however, you will have to pay more for an expert than for the ticket itself. You can attempt to learn radar principals yourself. There many books online that show you how to analyze a radar gun. Nevertheless, a Judge will likely take the word of a Police Officer over your testimony.

 So, in my experience, that simply reliable way to defeat a Las Vegas speeding ticket or any type of various other moving infractions is when an honest third party testifies for you. Nonetheless, kindly keep in mind that if you lose you might be punished with full points and fine on your driving record.

The info you get her is not, nor is it intended to be, legal suggestions. You should speak with a lawyer for specific suggestions concerning your own situation.  

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Vegas DUI Penalties


This is a list of some of the criminal punishments for a DUI in Las Vegas. As always, this is solely information. If you find yourself in legal trouble seek a DUI attorney in Las Vegas.  This list is for vehicle drivers who are over twenty-one and who do not have a commercial drivers license.  You should note that the penalties may be more if a driver is under 21 and has a commercial license to drive.

First-Time DUI

  1. Your present-day license to drive is going to be revoked for three months. You might be able get a restricted license in 45 days. This restricted driver’s license is only going to enable you to go to and from your work. 
  2. Wind up being sentenced to jail for a minimum of a couple of days. You could be in
  3. jail for possibly six calendar months.
  4. Be fined a minimum of $400. You may be fined as much as $1,000.
  5. Forced to attend a DUI program. The DUI class costs around $150.
  6. Be required to go to an alcohol-abuse treatment class.

Second DUI Conviction Inside Seven Years or a DUI

  1. Your driver’s license is going to be revoked for one year, and you will not have the opportunity to get a restricted license.
  2. Be sentenced to Jail or house arrest for not less than 10 days and as much as six months.
  3. You are going to be penalized a minimum of $750 and as much as $1,000.
  4. You’ll be required to do 100 to two hundred hours of obligatory community service.
  5. Your automobile registration is going to be most likely suspended.
  6. You possibly under an order of the Judge to go to a court-approved substance-abuse treatment school or be required to undergo clinical therapy for approximately one year.

Three or More Convictions Inside a Seven-Year Time Frame

  1. Your present license to drive will be revoked for three years. You could potentially be entitled to a restricted driver’s license.
  3. Sentenced to jail not under 12 months in jail. You could spend six years in jail.
  4. You’ll be fined by the Court as little as $2,000. But, the fine could get as much as $5,000.
  6. Your auto registration will more than likely be put on hold.

DUI Results In a Death or Serious Bodily Harm

(Note, these punishments are for the first offender.)

  1. Your current license is going to be suspended for three years.
  2. You will be sentenced to jail for at the very least of two years and as much as twenty years.
  3. You are going to be fined no more than $2k and may well be fined as much as a $5,000.
  4. Spend some time in jail.   

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